This wonderful guy is Oreo. Hes a tricolor, American Shorthair cutie who is just under 1-year-old. He was recently surrendered to us and now hes ready to find his forever home. He has been a bit skittish with his foster family, but that may be due to...
Rocky and Nala are a bonded pair of chinchillas who are around 5.5-years-old. Rocky is neutered, so he and Nala can live happily ever after. Rocky is the more outgoing and friendly of the two, and his curiosity helps bring him out of his shell. Nala is more easily frightened and will need a loving, patient family to help her thrive. These guys both flip for raisin treats, dust baths and out of ...
Jojie, a.k.a. Goji, is a standard gray, male chinchilla who is approx 1.5 yrs old. He is a typically chinchilla in the sense they he's independent, energetic and loves a great dust bath. He doesn't like to be held, but will tolerate a nice head scratch. His adoption payment is $75. Chinchillas are very interesting critters who are nocturnal, fiercely independent, need a large cage with playtime...
Adopt Coffee a Cream Guineapig / Guineapig / Mixed small animal in Edmond, OK (20363054)
Okay, nice to hear. Both are still shy, but warm up easily if you have hay or green bell peppers in your hands Daphne (momma) will tolerate being held, but with a little more work I'm sure she'd enjoy it more. Daisy will tolerate it, if she has somewhere to burrow her head into. She has more energy than her mom, and will often run laps around the cage in the morning. They are lovable girls, and...
These Agouti, American Shorthair boys are Tater (left) and Tot (right). Tator is actually Tot's Dad! These cuties were adopted previously, but had to be returned due to a change in the family's situation. They are a bit skittish, but have been getting excellent 1-1 attention in their foster home and have come quite a long way. They've learned to have a good appreciation for veggies (amazing con...
Adopt Red a Red Guineapig small animal in Oklahoma City, OK (20443893) great with children
Hunter and his boy Red are a bit shy, but warm up quickly.
Adopt Pepe a Guineapig small animal in Oklahoma City, OK (20443425)
Adopt Blaze a Guineapig small animal in Oklahoma City, OK (20443423) great with children
Amy is the mom to River and Clara. They must stay together.
Amy is the mom to girls River and Clara. They must stay together.
Say hello to Pearl and Opal! These ladies joined All Paws after their owners decided they deserved a family who had more time for them. They love to munch on green bell peppers, romaine lettuce, apples, and carrots. They are a little skittish to be picked up, but once they're safe in your arms or lap they are fine. Opal (the black one) tends to be a little more skittish than her sister, Pearl. ...
Meet Tinsel! This little guy came from a local shelter and we couldn't leave him there with Christmas right around the corner. He's around 3-months-old, and a little skittish (as most babes are), but we're hoping he'll warm up with a home and people of his own. He's available for adoption now, and we'd love to see him go to a family where he will have a guineapig brother. His adoption payment i...
Adopt Cream a White Guineapig / Mixed small animal in Edmond, OK (20363053)
These ladies have been with us once before, but needed to come back due to a change in the family's situation. Both ladies are a bit shy, but with more attention they should warm up. They do better being held with a blanket or a towel so they can burrow and feel more safe and secure. Sasha does better with handling, but both enjoy it more if some green pepper is involved! Sasha often runs laps ...
This precious boy is Logan. Logan is very shy, but friendly. He just needs a little time to warm up to new people and situations. He is an 8-month-old tri-color, American Shorthair, and his adoption payment is $25. If you're interested in adopting a gorgeo...
** BONDED PAIR ** MUST BE ADOPTED TOGETHER Meet Groovy and Clover! Groovy is a neutered male Holland Lop and Clover is a spayed female Himalayan Netherland Dwarf. Groovy and Clover were rescued from the Oklahoma City shelter and immediately became best pals. Groovy was found in a box next to a dumpster by a Good Samaritan after she noticed some teenagers suspiciously leave the box and went to c...
Dust Bunny (Dustin for short) is a 3-year-old, double-mained Lionhead rabbit. His hobbies include eating fresh veggies, jingling his water bottle, and being scratched on his forehead. He is looking for a nice family to join, and requests they include him in their daily living activities, including letting him partake in movie night on the couch. In return, he will agree to look sweet, be a nice...
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